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D&AD New Blood 2020

‘Rebuild the World’ of teenage creativity. “Encourage and inspire teens, who have advanced into new creative spaces such as music, film, sport and fashion etc, to take notice and use LEGO® bricks to make creative statements and actions that really matter to them, and the world around them.” 

Credits: Anne-Mette Christiansen.


Every year in the United States, gun violence kills over 1500 kids and teens - more than the annual number of deaths in the US Army. Furthermore, school shootings are one of the biggest worries among children ages 6-17. But because they are minors, legislators aren’t listening to them. This needs to change.


LEGO creates a school exhibition to give worried teenagers a voice in the gun control debate. By collaborating with a U.S. high school, LEGO facilitates an exhibition created solely by students. Bringing LEGO bricks into school, the teens build and display 1:1 models of the 10 deadliest guns in U.S. gun violence history.

Both parents and the press are invited to the grand opening of our ‘Rebuild The World’ exhibition, where the teens will express their constant worries about their school becoming a target for a mass shooting.

Finally, the teens disassemble the LEGO guns and rebuild them into spectacular and beautiful things like spaceships, flowers and other innocent things, that LEGO Bricks luckily also lets them build with its endless possibilities.

Through the simple act of rebuilding the LEGO guns into something innocent like the teens themselves, they show that guns don’t belong in schools and at the same time send out a clear message that change is needed.


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