Photography has been a hobby for many years. Besides that, I have undergone a 6 months basic course at NEXT (previously KTS) and was a so-called prodigy at Inferno Studios before I was accepted at Kreativ Kommunikation.
Here are a select few photos of mine, for more please have a look at my Instagram.

The Irving Penn styled photo is taken in collaboration with
Alexander Hjorth Jespersen –

Furniture by Kasper Kyster

Atlas is inspired by Grundtvig Church in Copenhagen and the gradual escalation in every detail of the church that creates a rhythmic play between light and shadow

– as a modular seating system.

The system consist of two elements; the pillar with tracks on top that suppo rts the second element, the beam, with the negative tracks underneath. The beam can then slide in the tracks all around the cylindrical form. An additional beam can be added along with an extra pillar to prolong the bench continuously.

Pillar Bench was created with the intention of connecting people. In its gravity the bench appears grounded as a permanent element but is light and versatile for any gathering.

Winner of best photos

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