I’m a Creative – Art Director and I’m great to work with. I find great insights. I’m helpful. Thinks of extra ideas – and who doesn't want extra? 

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“We’re eating outside” – Mom


Freelance at PONG (2021)

Creative intern at PONG (2021)
Mentor: Mikkel Elung.

Creative intern at BRANDHOUSE (2020) Mentor: Jeppe Ritz & Louis Pilmark.

BA in Creative Communications at DMJX (2018 – 2021)

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Photography has been a hobby for many years. Besides that, I have undergone a 6 months basic course at NEXT (previously KTS) and was a so-called prodigy at Inferno Studios before I was accepted at Kreativ Kommunikation.
Here are a selected few photos of mine, for more please have a look at my Instagram @emilfrasvendborg.

The Irving Penn styled photo is taken in collaboration with
Alexander Hjorth Jespersen – www.alexanderhjespersen.dk

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How a businesscard could look like if I got to work for Robert/Boisen & Like Minded

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Tak til Hans Høite Augustenborg for sparing og forsøg for at hjælpe den videre ind til GREY CPH.

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